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5 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Do

I often find myself with a lot of free time and no way to fill it. I don’t know how with going to school full time and working two part time jobs that I still find myself sitting around on the weekends bored out of my mind. And yet, here I am. There’s only so much web-surfing and Netflix that I can handle before I start to want to die. So, here are my top 5 boredom busters.

1. Clean your room.

Not necessarily the most fun, but let’s be honest, it needs to be done. And if you’re anything like me, your room probably looks like something off the set of Hoarders. Turn it into a game. Turn the music up and try to get it done before you get to the end of your Spotify playlist. Clean by color. Go through that junk drawer and see what bizarre things have ended up there. It’ll kill a few hours and you’ll probably like sitting alone bored in a clean room more.

2. Play with your pets.

When’s the last time you took Fido for a walk? Or took out that lazer pointer for Mittens? It’s a win-win situation for everyone. If you don’t have pets, go to a pet store and ask to play with all the animals. And if you don’t like animals, well, then there’s no hope for you. Sorry.

3. Read a book.

I have approximately fifty books on my shelf that I really, really, really want to read…but never do. I’m a reader at heart, but I never get a chance to read anymore because I’m so busy (read: busy being on tumblr). Pick a book at random and start reading it. Who knows? You might find a new favorite hiding among the stacks by your bedside.

4. Do something artsy.

Find all the old magazines in your house and make a collage. Go design an outfit on polyvore. Get out a coloring book and some crayons. It’ll kill time and you’ll get something cool out of it.

5. Find a new recipe and make it.

If you’re bored, you’re probably hungry, too. Make something new and challenging. Apple pie cupcakes? How about these delicious looking spinach jacks? And then, when you’re done cooking, you can eat and then clean up the mess you’ve made! Tons of time-killing going on here, folks.

Bonus Boredom Buster!

Now, what if you’ve done everything on this list and then some and you’re still bored? Write a blog post about what you’ve done to battle boredom today.

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